Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Talking about concurrent enrollment

Good afternoon everyone,

I wanted to share the following excerpt from a recent email I sent to the legislators in our service area.


I met recently with school superintendents in the college’s three-county service area, and it was no surprise when our conversation turned to concurrent enrollment. I'm pleased to report that we’re effectively working through issues on which NWC and area high schools have been at odds for some time. Our frank discussion included airing of both perspectives—superintendents explained their perceptions and needs, and I shared the college’s commitment to college-level instruction in order to ensure that students are prepared for the next level of instruction and that our Higher Learning Commission accreditation isn’t jeopardized. Thanks to mutual sharing of expectations, I’m delighted that the gap in understanding has closed considerably.

Obviously, NWC’s increased concurrent enrollment offerings have helped a great deal. Since NWC’s three-year pilot program started in 2008-09, the following impressive growth has been recorded.

Concurrent enrollment 2008-09 2012-13
Enrollment 21 452
Total credit hours available 5 172
Classes offered 2 52
Participating BHB high schools 2 8

In addition, we know that former concurrent enrollment students are later enrolling as full- or part-time credit students at Northwest College—112 in 2012-13, as opposed to 65 two years ago.

I'm committed to operating an effective concurrent enrollment program, one that is bolstered by continued collaboration and ongoing dialog with area school superintendents.



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