Friday, April 25, 2014


The various ceremonial activities steeped in tradition have contributed to what I have loved about spending most of my adult life on a college campus. Of course none is more evident than commencement with its traditions of academic regalia and all the pomp and circumstance.

Yesterday afternoon I attended the Honored Faculty Ceremony, a long standing NWC tradition where we recognized retirements, tenure, promotion, and professor emeriti followed by an honored faculty lecture.

Congratulations to Michael Konsmo, Lou McPhail and Deborah Williams for receiving tenure. Steve Walker was promoted associate professor and Kristine Walker received the Master Distance Educator Award.

Two retired faculty members, Harriet Bloom-Wilson and Bruce Watne, received Professor Emeriti status for their numerous contributions to the college over the years. A well-deserved honor!

Best wishes to retiring faculty members Steve Harbron, Deborah Spangler Koelling, Robert Koelling, Robert Stothart, Gary Sturmer, Carolyn White, and Mary Ann Wurzel.  The impact these faculty members have made is profound. It is with admiration and appreciation that I thank each one of you for all that you have done for NWC.

This year Professor Gary Sturmer was selected to give the honored faculty lecture. He delighted us with stories from the past and talked about times when everyone rallied together for our students. He made a comment that stuck with me regarding former President SinClair Orendorff's commitment to NWC students. He said, "first and foremost, it is all about the students." Hear, hear!

SinClair, I'll see your "first and foremost" and raise your bet to include "student success." It's all about focusing on student success. What a wonderful tradition!

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  1. I refuse to be the replacement as the "curmudgeon" Sturmer has filled so well!