Monday, June 23, 2014

College National Finals Rodeo

This past Thursday and Friday I had the opportunity to attend the College National Finals Rodeo - something I have wanted to do for about 30 years. 
NWC Rodeo Team members, Coach Nose and President Hicswa  
Before Thursday night's competition I took our athletes out for lunch. As I was paying for our meal, I was asked if we were in town for the the rodeo. I responded by saying proudly, "Those young men ARE the rodeo." 
The CNFR performance was amazing - one of the best run rodeos I have ever seen. The level of competition was outstanding. 
Our men's team placed 24th in the nation. Dalyn Wingard placed 4th in the nation in steer wrestling and although Zachary Schweigert and Shawn Bird's rope didn't quite behave on Saturday, they were ranked 5th in team roping going in to the finals.
Congratulations gentlemen! I am very proud of all of you. Your performance in and out of the arena was quite commendable (creaming me in mini golf notwithstanding!). I am looking forward to having you back on campus next year.
I also enjoyed the time I spent with Coach Del Nose. As a member of the NIRA Board of Directors, his connections allowed me the opportunity to attend a VIP reception as well as a coaches breakfast on Friday morning.

I didn't get to see the finals because I had to get home for my sons' cub scout camp and hunter's safety course on Saturday. On Sunday between rain storms we went mountain biking as a family on the Beck Lake trail (Eric Silk and Dan Baney - thanks for the suggestion).
We have the privilege of living where others vacation, so pack in as much fun as possible and enjoy the long summer days!


Tuesday, June 17, 2014


Yesterday new students and their parents were on campus for our New Student Registration program. What a great way for new students to get oriented to Northwest College!  As well, we were honored to host Wyoming Girls State on campus last week. From both groups, I continually heard how much they appreciated all the help from our faculty and staff.
I recently returned from vacation where I body-boarded and paddle-boarded for the first time. When I caught my first wave and then again when I stood up on the paddle-board for the first time, I was thinking about the trepidation, anticipation, and excitement that our freshmen must be feeling as they get everything ready to start college this fall. 
What I love about Northwest College is that our faculty and staff understand these feelings and work hard to help our students meet their goals - no matter the trepidation along the way. Knowing that our students have the courage take on bigger challenges everyday, helped me to get back into the water again after getting pounded a couple of times by big waves. (OK, so maybe they weren't that big, but I still got pounded!)


In the words of the late Maya Angelou from the NWC facebook page, "Courage is the most important of all the can practice any virtue erratically, but nothing consistently without courage."

May you practice courage in all that you choose to tackle today,


Monday, June 2, 2014

2014 Commencement

I love all that the celebration of commencement represents!

Here are some fun and memorable images from Northwest College's May 17th Commencement Ceremony, as well as a few pre and post ceremony photos.

Troy Hunt told me I looked like Harry Potter's Professor McGonagall. I was honored when others told me I looked like a Cardinal in my red robes. My sons told me they probably meant the bird, not a priest.

Congratulations graduates! You earned it. Many thanks to all the faculty and staff for all they did over the years to support and encourage you.