Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Happy 2015

I hope everyone was able to enjoy some down time over the holidays. I know I did! Together with my family we went snowshoeing, cross-country skiing and downhill skiing/snowboarding. A winter trifecta within an hour of our house. Ya gotta love it!

This time of year we read a lot about New Year's resolutions. Because my brain is wired for the school year calendar, I don't make resolutions. But if I am totally honest, I also don't make them because I don't want to feel like a loser for giving up on resolutions two weeks later when the craziness of spring semester and the legislative session begins.
Over the years, I have stopped obsessing about eating right, exercising and losing 10 pounds. I eat foods that make me feel well rather than what the media says the latest super food is (although I have to admit - I kinda like kale). I don't work-out to get in shape for snowboarding, I snowboard to get in shape for snowboarding for the pure enjoyment of it. The fact that it counts as exercises is an added bonus. As long as my clothes fit, I am not going to even think about my weight.  
Making these paradigm shifts has opened space for me to focus on gratitude and living with intention. My intention for 2015 is to live life to the fullest by having as much fun as possible and to make the most of my calling by working hard for community college students today and every day.

Warm wishes for 2015!

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