Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Student Engagement Challenge - Jan. 21

Those who attended my State of the College Address last week heard me challenge Northwest College staff to become more intentional in engaging students. I told you we’re in the business of hope, and that the way to build hope is through people. That’s why, starting today, I’m officially challenging every NWC staff member to reach out and brighten one student’s day every day for 30 days.

Go beyond saying, “hello.” Comment on a new tattoo or hair color. Make an observation about the weather. Find whatever it takes to help one student know you appreciate his or her presence. It’s a little way to make a big difference to a student who’s feeling intimidated, alone or lacking in confidence. Even a student who’s on top of the world will feel better afterward.

If your work doesn’t put you in daily contact with students, use this challenge as an excuse to take a break once a day to walk down the hall. Who knows — finding time to say “hi” and make a positive comment might become the bright spot in your day!

Have a great week!


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