Tuesday, February 24, 2015

More student engagement stories

Great stories keep coming in about our 30 day challenge.

Have you heard about the “Library Lollipops"? For the past three years, librarians have randomly handed out Library Lollipops to students who attend research sessions scheduled by faculty. One ENGLISH 1010 student said the paper on his lollipop (Tootsie Pop) included the symbol of the Indian and the star.  That meant if he took the wrapper to the local store where he bought the lollipop, they would give him another one free. The librarian said she would honor the tradition. Sure enough, a student showed up at the library reference desk this spring with his wrapper — a year after receiving it. He didn’t think the librarian would remember the promise, but she did. The student brought a friend (who was a new student) along to meet the librarians when he presented his wrapper. The friend got a lollipop too. 

One staffer told me she encountered a young man in the hall one day who had bright lime on his shirt and his shoes. When she complimented him on his coordinating colors, he was obviously pleased and launched into his personal philosophy about building one’s wardrobe (apparently, the crux is to stick with neutral blacks and grays but always add spots of bright colors). It was an animated and unexpected response, but it seemed to really charge up the student. 

Even though the 30-day challenge is officially over, it sounds like everyone is still making connections with students. That is really what it is all about isn't it? I know you are making a difference in their lives and I appreciate all of your hard work every day to make it happen.


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