Thursday, February 5, 2015

Student Engagement Challenge - Feb 5

I’m hearing great stories from NWC staffers about their experiences engaging students. Some are humorous; some are surprising. All are inspirational.

One person just happened to overhear a student who was having troubles making rent payments and in a position of choosing between day care and food. Our employee took the student’s case on as a personal cause, helping her investigate financial options, the HERO scholarship and other resources. This incredible employee even gave the student meat and vegetables from his own pantry.
This is above and beyond the 30-day challenge, and I certainly don’t expect employees to feel they need to make this kind of sacrifice. But I am certain this lucky student will never forget NWC or the compassion she and her family received here. I also feel certain she’ll do whatever it takes to complete her academic goals because she has someone who believes in her so much.

Please let me know how you’re doing with your 30-day Challenge to Engage Students. I want to hear how you’re approaching students and what you’re saying. 
We're more than halfway through the 30 days. Keep up the good work!

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