Thursday, April 30, 2015

NWC Superheroes

NWC saluted our employees at at last week’s annual Employee Recognition Banquet. We honored employees' years of services as well as our retirees, faculty receiving emeritus status, faculty receiving promotions and  tenure, and Outstanding Service Award recipients.

Our 2015 Outstanding Service Award recipients are (cue drum roll please...)

Classified Staff Award – Jennifer Cannizzaro, Senior Office Assistant, Student Success Center

Professional Staff Award – Jo Ann Heimer, Business Office Manager

Faculty Award – Allan Childs, Professor of Chemistry and Mathematics

Team Award – Central Assessment Team members Eric Atkinson (Biology), Dave Erickson (Sociology), Gerry Giraud (VP, Academic Affairs), Rachel Hanan (English), Micah Humphreys (Ag), Jan Kliewer (Music), Aura Newlin (Sociology and Anthropology), Astrid Northrup (Engineering and Mathematics), Susan Richards (Library Director), Lisa Satterlee (Business Office Technology), and Lisa Smith (Institutional Researcher).

Congratulations to all of our honorees. You are all superheroes.  

President Hicswa with Jo Ann Heimer

I think this should go on the trustee web page
Next stop, Gotham City

Thursday, April 23, 2015


I recently returned from San Antonio where I attended the opening ceremonies of the national Phi Theta Kappa conference (AKA NerdNation) with seven NWC PTK members and advisor Dr. Eric Silk (see photos below).

The keynote speaker was Grammy Award-winning musician John Legend. True to his song, “Made to Love” his address to over 3000 NerdNation attendees was focused on the theme that we are all made to love. He shared is philosophy that love is the opposite of fear and that if we live without fear, through education we will have peace on earth. His message was very powerful!

“I am one of you. I have always been a nerd and I’ve always been proud of it.
So let’s get our geek on! ” John Legend