Thursday, November 19, 2015

It takes a village

The adage of "it takes a village" has hit close to home in the last few weeks. My husband and I have been like two ships passing in the night lately due to our our schedules.

I appreciate that we have made such good friends in Powell who are willing to help us. One of my friends picked up my son from school and took him to hockey practice when my husband was out of town. Later that week when I was traveling another friend kept him overnight and took him to school the next morning. It really does take a village to raise a child.

It also takes a village to raise a president. A couple of weeks ago I parked the NWC car that I drive in Shoshoni and traveled to Cheyenne with the president of Central Wyoming College. I received a text at 7:30 the next morning letting me know that the business where I had parked needed me to move it for a fuel delivery in two hours. I appreciate the help of Dennis Quillen, Roxie Herman, and Deb Jacobs. The next thing I knew the car had been moved across the street to the bait shop. It was there safe and sound when I arrived back at Shoshoni at 6:00 that evening.

I sure appreciate having so many good people to take care of me!

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