Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Virtual Mom

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I think I am becoming a virtual mom.

With my travel schedule, I have found FaceTime to be a wonderful tool to stay connected to my family. From afar I have been able to help with homework, see a bloody gap where a tooth used to be and help pick out appropriate clothes for school pictures.

Last night after the Student Athlete Awards Banquet, I went to the high school for the art show. Unfortunately, I did not have time to go home in between to get my kids so I texted my son to ask where his art work was displayed.
When I arrived, I found the first one but couldn't find the others. FaceTime to the rescue! I FaceTimed my son and he was able to show me where they were. We talked about his entries and the mediums he used to create them.  He then "took "me down the hallway to show me the dragon. He told me to go further down the hall and around the corner to show me the submarine.
While I don't want to trade FaceTime for real one-on-one face time with my kids, virtual mom is a good substitute in a pinch.


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