Tuesday, December 13, 2016

Happy Holidays!

Simmons, M. (Producer), & Chechik, J.S. (Director). (1989). National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation [Motion picture still]. USA:  Warner Bros.

One of the traditions we enjoy as a family is hunting for The Perfect Christmas Tree. Much like this scene from National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation, my husband found it - The Perfect Christmas Tree. We didn’t even have to trudge in the snow for hours to find it.

We dragged it back to the truck cheerfully singing “Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow.” My husband dutifully tied the tree to the top of the camper shell and we headed home excited to pull out the ornaments and decorate The Perfect Christmas Tree.

About 10 miles from home my husband swore and quickly pulled over.
"What?” I asked.
Apparently, the strap securing the bottom of the tree had come off. Since the top strap held tightly in place, The Perfect (by this time Perfect had been replaced by a more colorful word in my husband's vocabulary) Christmas Tree, had broken in half!
Making lemonade from lemons, we quickly stripped the branches for boughs and headed to Ace Hardware. There we found The Perfect Christmas Tree. Thankfully, once again, we didn’t have to trudge in the snow for hours to find it. Luckily, this one made it home in one piece!

No matter what traditions you celebrate this holiday season, I wish you the happiest of holidays.
May you spend less time doing what you think you should and more time doing what you want!


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  1. You were always good at making lemonade from lemons, Dr. Hicswa! Greetings from Cheyenne, from your old TRIO/ASPIRE friend, Lynn Carlson. Would love to reconnect. I'm at lgcarlson56@gmail.com.