Tuesday, December 19, 2017

Ugly Christmas Sweater Day

Check out some of the great sweaters on campus today! I love the poinsettia one. The one with cats is pretty good too. 

I don't know when my favorite 80's sweater became appropriate attire for Ugly Christmas Sweater Day. How did that happen? 

Wishing you a little holiday fun!


Wednesday, November 15, 2017

You are welcome here!

#YouAreWelcomeHere is a welcome message from U.S. higher education to international students around the world. It is a campaign designed to affirm that our institutions are diverse, friendly, safe and committed to student development. 

The photo below is of a sign in front of NWC's Intercultural House that communicates not only are international students welcome here, all people regardless of national origin, race, sexual orientation, and ability are welcome. 

The repetition of the statement, “You are welcome here,” is powerful and demonstrates that we celebrate internationalization and diversity across our campus communities and across the country.

#YouAreWelcomeHere - pass it on...

Tuesday, August 29, 2017

Wednesday, August 23, 2017

Our Freshman Class

Today is the first day of classes for NWC Students. Although we serve students of all ages, many of our students are traditional age. I love that Beloit College compiles the following Mindset List every year to remind me that our students have always had Amazon, John F. Kennedy Jr. has always been dead, and as toddlers they Skyped with their grandparents.


Students heading into their first year of college this year are mostly 18 and were born in 1999.

Among the iconic figures who have never been alive in their lifetimes are Joe DiMaggio, John F. Kennedy Jr., Walter Payton, and Dusty Springfield.
  1. Their classmates could include Eddie Murphy’s Zola and Mel Gibson’s Tommy, or Jackie Evancho singing down the hall.
  2. They are the last class to be born in the 1900s, the last of the Millennials --  enter next year, on cue, Generation Z! 
  3. They are the first generation for whom a “phone” has been primarily a video game, direction finder, electronic telegraph, and research library.
  4. Electronic signatures have always been as legally binding as the pen-on-paper kind.
  5. In college, they will often think of themselves as consumers, who’ve borrowed a lot of money to be there.
  6. eHarmony has always offered an algorithm for happiness.
  7. Peanuts comic strips have always been repeats.
  8. They have largely grown up in a floppy-less world.
  9. They have never found Mutual Broadcasting or Westinghouse Group W on the radio dial, but XM has always offered radio programming for a fee.
  10. There have always been emojis to cheer us up.
  11. The Panama Canal has always belonged to Panama and Macau has been part of China.
  12. It is doubtful that they have ever used or heard the high-pitched whine of a dial-up modem.
  13. They were never able to use a Montgomery Ward catalogue as a booster seat.
  14. Donald Trump has always been a political figure, as a Democrat, an Independent, and a Republican.
  15. Zappos has always meant shoes on the Internet.
  16. They are the first generation to grow up with Watson outperforming Sherlock.
  17. Amazon has always invited consumers to follow the arrow from A to Z.
  18. Their folks have always been able to get reward points by paying their taxes to the IRS on plastic.
  19. In their lifetimes, Blackberry has gone from being a wild fruit to being a communications device to becoming a wild fruit again. 
  20. They have always been searching for Pokemon.
  21. They may choose to submit a listicle in lieu of an admissions essay.    
  22. Dora the Explorer and her pet monkey Boots helped to set them on the course of discovery.
  23. The seat of Germany’s government has always been back in Berlin.
  24. Jet Blue has always been a favorite travel option but the Concorde has been permanently grounded.
  25. By the time they entered school, laptops were outselling desktops.
  26. There has never been a Coliseum in New York, but there has always been a London Eye on the Thames.
  27. Once on campus, they will find that college syllabi, replete with policies about disability, non-discrimination, and learning goals, might be longer than some of their reading assignments.
  28. As toddlers they may have dined on some of that canned food hoarded in case of Y2K.
  29. An ophthalmologist named Bashar al-Assad has always provided vision for the Syrian military.
  30. Whatever the subject, there’s always been a blog for it.                         
  31. U.S. Supreme Court decisions have always been available at its website.
  32. Globalization has always been both a powerful fact of life and a source of incessant protest.
  33. One out of four major league baseball players has always been born outside the United States.
  34. Carl Sagan has always had his own crater on Mars. 
  35. A movie scene longer than two minutes has always seemed like an eternity. 
  36. The Latin music industry has always had its own Grammy Awards.
  37. Ketchup has always come in green.
  38. They have only seen a Checker Cab in a museum.
  39. Men have always shared a romantic smooch on television.
  40. They never got to see Jimmy Kimmel and Ben Stein co-host a quiz show or Dennis Miller provide commentary for the NFL.
  41. As toddlers, they may have taught their grandparents how to Skype.
  42. The image of Sacagawea has always adorned the dollar coin, if you can find one.
  43. Having another child has always been a way to secure matching tissue to heal an older sibling.
  44. There have always been Latino players on the ice in the NHL.
  45. Napster has always been evolving.
  46. Nolan Ryan has always worn his Texas Rangers cap in Cooperstown, while Steve Young and Dan Marino have always been watching football from the sidelines.
  47. The BBC has always had a network in the U.S. where they speak American.
  48. There has never been a sanctioned Texas A&M bonfire.
  49. There has always been a Monster in their corner when looking for a job.
  50. Wikipedia has steadily gained acceptance by their teachers.
  51. Justin Timberlake has always been a solo act.
  52. U.S. professional baseball teams have always played in Cuba.
  53. Barbie and American Girl have always been sisters at Mattel.
  54. Family Guy is the successor to the Father Knows Best they never knew.
  55. Motorola and Nokia have always been incredibly shrinking giants.
  56. Melissa has always been too nice a name to be attached to a computer macro virus.
  57. The Mars Polar Lander has always been lost.
  58. Women have always scaled both sides of Everest and rowed across the Atlantic.
  59. Bill Clinton has always been Hillary Clinton’s aging husband.
  60. Paleontologists have always imagined dinosaurs with colorful plumage.

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Mindset List is a registered trademark

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Friday, August 18, 2017

Celebrating Differences

In light of recent national events regarding racism, anti-Semitism, and bigotry, I am appalled, as 
such behavior has no place in our society and should not tolerated.

Yet, I am reminded of what an accepting environment we foster at Northwest College. The College prides its self on our intercultural programming and long-standing tradition of welcoming students from around the world with open arms.

At NWC, our Mission is to be student-centered. Part of being student-centered includes exposing our students to other cultures and teaching the value of celebrating differences.

May we create an environment of mutual respect for each other regardless of any differences. 

Have a good weekend.  


Friday, August 11, 2017

They're Back!

Our volleyball and soccer teams came over to my house for dinner earlier this week. 

Welcome back!

Thursday, August 3, 2017


I don't know what it is about this summer, but things keep happening that remind me of summers when I was a kid.

Last week I attended an NWC Foundation Women's Giving Circle event where faculty members John Giarrizzo and Burt Bradley gave us a taste of their Art and Writing in the Wild course. The class brought back fond memories of my childhood sitting outside in the grass looking at the clouds.

As part of our Computer Services Department's maintenance work this summer, this blast from summers past was recently discovered. 

The summer when I was 8, I blew out my flip flop AND stepped on a pop top. This was before I had even heard of Jimmy Buffet, but his music always takes me back to summers past.

Here's to summer's frozen concoctions and great memories.



Monday, June 26, 2017

Music Camp

Last week the NWC music department held their annual music camp for middle school and high school age students. 

In addition to our amazing faculty, faculty from various parts of the country were here to give the students exposure to a variety of music styles and composition. Since my son was a camper, I attended the recitals and concert and witnessed the level of rigor that the students experienced. It was quite impressive. 

Many thanks to Camp Director Craig Olson (pictured below), Diana Gwynn, and all who worked together to make this camp not only a great outreach opportunity, but also a fantastic recruiting opportunity for future NWC students. 

Music Director Craig Olson

From the final concert 

2017 Camp Participants 

Monday, May 1, 2017

Forecast for Commencement

President Hicswa and President Sutton
Student Senate President Susanne Sutton and I are getting ready for commencement! The forecast is for good weather and a great time.

See you Saturday at 10:30 a.m. in the Cabre Gymnasium on campus.


Wednesday, April 26, 2017

On the radio

As with most days this time of year, yesterday was an exciting day full of end-of-the-year events.

My day ended with our Annual Athletics Awards Banquet and Jazz Band and Studio Singers Concert. My morning was spent in Cody as a guest on Big Horn Radio Network's program "Speak Your Piece." It was a fantastic opportunity for me to talk about all the great work our faculty and staff have done this year, the legislative session, and our accreditation process.

Check it out.

From Speak Your Piece (April 25, 2017)
Credit: Big Horn Radio Network

Friday, February 3, 2017

The Sound of Silence

Recently, I was listening to a remake of Simon and Garfunkel's 1964 song, "Sounds of Silence" by the heavy metal band, Disturbed. The lyric, "and no one dared disturb the sound of silence" caught my attention.
I started thinking about the consequences if no one dares to disturb the sound of silence regarding the value of diversity and the positive impact it has on our global society. Valuing diversity is certainly important to me; as well, I am proud that NWC has a long tradition of valuing diversity.
In fact, the new NWC Mission Statement begins with the phrase, "In the context of our global society..." At Northwest College, we understand that we have an important role in shaping a multicultural society. We intentionally recruit a diverse student body and prioritize cross-cultural learning opportunities and events for our students and community.
Twenty years ago, I taught an honors seminar on tolerance. One of the readings I assigned was "Night" by Elie Wiesel. The lessons on tolerance in his book are as appropriate today as they were during Wiesel's imprisonment as a teenager in Nazi Germany.
May you find opportunities to be more tolerant of others' differences and seek opportunities to give voice to the many forms of diversity around you.
Have a good weekend,
P.S. If you have not yet heard Disturbed's version of "The Sound of Silence" I have included it here.